Broadway – New York City, New York

Broadway NYC.jpgBroadway – New York City, New York

When you enter Broadway in New York City you will see the theaters that have made so many show legendary.  The lights, the sounds, the energy that accompany a trip to Broadway is something that you will remember for years to come.

The theaters in the area are not huge, they are more intimate, giving every actor the feeling of playing for a small (although not that small) of a group of people and the crowd the visibility to truly enjoy the shows.

Each theater is unique, each offers something of a magical dream come true, even those that have been around for awhile and could use a little TLC.

Broadway, the street in Manhattan Island, runs the whole length of the island.  It goes from Bowling Green at the south, to Inwood at the northern tip.

Where Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue in midtown Manhattan is the famous Times Square, this is where the theater district is located.  Here there is an ever-changing array of commercial, large-scale plays for you to see, they specialize in musicals.  This area is called the Theater district or the Great White Way because of the millions of lights on theater marquees and billboards advertising the plays.

Times Square went through some rough times in the 1960’s and 1970 when it was New York’s de facto Red Light District but since the late ’80’s Times Square has emerged as a family tourist center.

Broadway also passes by the Juilliard School and the Lincoln Center, both well-known for their performing arts.  The productions preformed at both of these locations will be memories you will not wish to ever forget.

Broadway also will take you past the Apthorp and the First Baptist Church in the City of New York (1891), built for a Baptist congregation in New York since 1762.

Following the Avenue even further you will end up on the Upper West Side, passing the campus of Columbia University and Barnard College.  Then you will see the beautiful gothic quadrangle of Union Theological Seminary and the buildings of the Jewish Theological Seminary.  Continue on and you will pass the Manhattan School of Music and CUNY- City College.  The beautiful gothic buildings of the original City College campus are out of sight but if you want to see them just go one block east.

New York Presbyterian Hospital is also on Broadway, near 166th – 168th Streets.  Broadway then crosses the Harlem River on the Broadway Bridge and enters the Bronx.